Protect your farm from powdery mildew, thrips, and whitefly with Kata Control.

Effective plant disease and pest control with Kata


Protect your pepper farm from powdery mildew, thrips and whitefly disease with Kata Control.

Powdery mildew, thrips, and whitefly are common problems that plague pepper plants, leading to reduced yields and lower quality crops. Powdery mildew is a fungal disease that appears as a powdery coating on the leaves and stems of the plant, while thrips and whitefly are insect pests that feed on the plant's sap, causing damage to the leaves and spreading diseases.

To prevent these issues in pepper farms, farmers can use Kata Control spray oil as a preventative measure. Kata Control is an isoparaffin oil that can effectively control pests and diseases in crops. When applied to plants, it forms a protective barrier on the plant surface, preventing pests and diseases from establishing themselves.

Control powdery mildew with Kata Control:

  1. Antifungal Efficacy: Kata Control spray oil presents a sophisticated antifungal front. By disrupting the hyphal growth of powdery mildew (Erysiphales), it inhibits spore production, effectively mitigating the disease's proliferation.
  2. Encapsulating Barrier: Our Kata Control spray oil establish a physical barrier, encapsulating the plant surfaces and preventing the germination of powdery mildew spores. This tight-knit shield is a pivotal defense against disease initiation and progression.
  3. Residue-Free Application: The formulation of the Kata Control spray oil ensures a residue-free application, preserving the pristine aesthetics of pepper fruits, vital for marketability.

Thrips and whitefly management with Kata Control:

  1. Precision Contact Lethality: Kata Control spray oil instantaneously incapacitates thrips and whitefly through contact lethality mechanisms. Upon contact, our Kata Control spray oil induce suffocation, disrupting respiration, and leading to rapid mortality.
  2. Cuticular Penetration: Our Kata Control spray oil exhibit advanced cuticular penetration properties, infiltrating the epicuticular wax barriers of pepper plants with surgical precision. This ensures that no hidden feeding or oviposition sites remain untouched.
  3. Deterrence through Disruption: Deterrence compounds within our formulation act as sensory disruptors, confounding the host location abilities of thrips and whitefly. This technical deterrence curtails their feeding and oviposition behaviors.
  4. Integrated Pest Management (IPM): The integration of Kata Control spray oil into your IPM strategy maximizes the efficacy of pest and disease management, as an alley for sustainable agriculture practices, maintaining the ecological balance of your pepper farm.
  5. Organic farming: Kata Control spray oil is certified organic by Kiwa BCS, it can be used in organic and sustainable farming systems, reducing the reliance on synthetic pesticides. 

Kata Control spray oil epitomize technical excellence in pest and disease management for pepper farms. With a harmonious convergence of antifungal efficacy, encapsulating barriers, contact lethality, and advanced cuticular penetration, they are pivotal in fostering healthy and pest-resistant pepper crops.